An R&D start-up commercialising a platform technology to create novel tactile control products. Our clients include prolific brands and manufacturers in consumer and automotive sectors.


A software engineer who knows python, and who plays with machine learning and deep learning.

A designer or engineer who excels in crafting and prototyping works, and who likes to experiment with new materials.

An electrical engineer who is experienced with industrial firmware development particularly in the analogue capacitative sensing field.

The SOFTWARE ENGINEER role includes (internship):

  • Developing user interfaces using python, tk and cocos2d.
  • Carrying out data analysis and signal processing tasks using numpy, scipy, pandas and matplotlib.
  • Playing with machine learning and deep learning for signal classification.
  • Developing embedded software for arduino and similar platforms.
  • Sporadically tinkering with backend server development using web services and mongo.

You should apply if you:

  • Just finished or about to finish a BSc/MSc or you are a PhD candidate in Computer Science or similar field.
  • Have a strong understanding of programming and some experience with C/C++.
  • Have some experience with data analysis or signal processing.
  • Want to learn about machine learning.
  • Python, numpy, matlab and/or R are not required but a plus.

The DESIGNER role includes (internship):

  • Building tooling machines
  • Developing 3D printer for material experimentation
  • Playing with material and design experiments
  • Product finishing include sanding, cutting and spraying
  • Designing moulds for casting and in-house injection moulding

You should apply if you:

  • Have finishing/are finishing a BA/BSc Degree of Industrial design, Mechanical engineering or Material Science.
  • Excel in prototyping, hand craft works and has casting/moulding experience.
  • Know extrusion 3D printing experience or UV light cure 3D printing experience.
  • Have material experiment testing experience.
  • Have 3D CAD modelling skill (SolidWorks or Rhino).
  • Arduino skill is a plus.

The ELECTRICAL ENGINEER role includes (internship/fulltime):

  • Delivering industrial standard embedded system solutions in commercial projects.
  • Firmware development for Arduino and similar platforms.
  • Conducting research on analogue, Cap Sensing and similar technologies.
  • Expanding IP portfolio.

You should apply if you:

  • Have minimum 2-year industrial experience in consumer electronics, automotive, or relevant fields.
  • Have a strong feel for R&D approach and can innovate.
  • Are knowledgeable in C/C++ programming, and a deep understand of programming for embedded systems.
  • Have experience in IoT platforms, wireless communication and Low energy modules.
  • Cap sensing experience is a plus.


  • Working closely with experienced engineers and the founders with manufacturing and software/hardware backgrounds, in a nice working environment based at Battersea, London.
  • Getting to know clients from well-known brands and manufacturers.
  • Experience how a young startup operate on a daily basis, and how we push for the commercialisation of a disruptive technology in multiple markets.
  • Acquiring a skill-set of your choice throughout the internship.
  • Paid internships.

We require minimum 3-month availability. Please send your work examples that you are most proud of and your CV to info@tangi0.com. We will get in touch shortly, and may follow on with an interview.

If you feel overqualified, or you are looking for a longterm contract. Please mark your application ‘’FULLTIME’’ and explain in what aspect you could excel joining us as a full-time member.

Contact: info@tangi0.com